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for a missing 1-year-old girl. >> police say alexis carlisle was abducted yesterday afternoon. she was last seen in halifax county. news 4's megan mcgrath is live in fairfax county with more on the case. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police say she was abducted from halifax, virginia, but they have information that leads them to believe the people who took her may be headed to the washington, d.c. area. folks are being asked to keep an eye out for this little girl here. let's take a look at the picture. alexis carlisle, she is 1-year-old. she was last seen at 4:30 in the afternoon yesterday, thursday, and they believe that she was abducted by eric eugene black, 41, and jennifer carlisle, 35, described as having red hair, green eyes. you may also notice the last name is the same as the little girl carlisle. it is unclear, though, exactly what the relationship is between her and the missing girl. police are not releasing any information on that. now, alexis is said to have
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uncombed black hair, brown eyes. she was last seen wearing an orange shirt, blue jeans, and a pink jacket. police believe she could be in extreme danger, and she want to find her as quickly as possible. she was last seen at 1066 lower liberty road in fairfax, virginia, but they believe they may be heading to the washington area from halifax. they're believed to be in a 19 35i8 nissan station wagon with a virginia plate of xng 9177. if anyone has seen this little girl, you are asked to call 911. >> it is 6:01. you may need the umbrella. it is cold and wet. that's how we're ending the week. chilly rain out there. not in this picture, obviously. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here.
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he says there is some rain. a few scattered sprinkles mainly for the viewers in our southern and eastern suburbs. it all comes from a disturbance over the carolinas. looks like it's going to head out to sea. it decided to take a rogue turn to the north and past just southeast of the metro ar. that's all this area in green moving north and east. maybe a few sprinkles reaching the ground in howard county, montgomery, and farther to the west along the blue ridge from just east of leesburg and down toward near warrenton, near frederick as well. farther south and east, it does look like it is reaching the ground, southern maryland and the northern neck. they've had only .02 of an inch as well as the eastern shore. we're above freezing just about everywhere from the blue ridge east. farther west with the cloud cover breaking up, upper 20s to near 30 degrees. hour by hour forecast for the day today, by 7:00 a.m., should be near 40. sun out after that by noontime and during the rest of the
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afternoon as we reach mid-50s midafternoon. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at your friday evening planner. a look at your first 4 traffic now with danella. good morning. >> good morning. a live look from chopper 4 from i-66 heading eastbound and westbound at 50. nice normal friday volume, very light. as you make your way from the beltway at fairfax county parkway. that drive taking just 11 minutes right now. let's shoot over to 95 in the newington area, just a bit of a delay. from quantico, not bad. take you northbound to get to the beltway. on the i-95 virginia, north and southbound. not seeing any reports of accidents. over to the rails, metro, marc, and vre, nice and clear. aaron, over to you. breaking news out of the middle east, calls for a cease fire. not stopping the violence this morning, israelis, palestinians, they were supposed to stop three hours during a visit by the egyptian prime minister. he got to the gaza strip today as rockets exploded in areas
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nearby. at one point, at least 85 rockets were fired. within about 45 minutes in gaza city, one missile destroyed a house. no one was hurt. more than 30 people have died in mideast violence this week. five were children. and that violence in the middle east sparking large protests in our area. last night hundreds of people held duelling demonstrations outside the white house. one crowd gathered in support of israel. the other in support of the palestinian people. there were no reports of any violence or arrests at that rally. today lawmakers will finally hear from former cia director david petraeus on what happened in benghazi, libya, on the night of the u.s. consulate attack there. petraeus will testify before the senate and house intelligence committees. his testimony comes a week after he resigned after admitting he had an extramarital affair. senate committee chair dianne feinstein says he still has information that is critical to
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this case. >> he interviewed many people, as i understand it, that were involved. so the opportunity to get his views, i think, is very important. >> this morning's closed door hearings will not cover petraeus' affair. and petraeus will still likely face questions about his indiscretion with cia investigators. the agency is launching an exploratory investigation to see if he misused any cia resources as its director. the fbi already concluded its investigation and found no evidence petraeus had mishandled classified information. 6:05 right now. today president obama will begin negotiations with congressional leaders on perhaps the most important budget deal of his presidency. congressional leaders will meet with the president today at the white house. they're trying to keep the country from going over the so-called fiscal cliff. they have to reach a deal by the end of the year to avoid steep tax hikes and deep spending cuts that could send us into a recession. the president has already met with labor and business leaders this week to get their input on a potential spending plan.
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the group that runs d.c.'s two major airports and the dulles toll road will face tough questions from congress today. a house committee wants more answers about a scathing audit of the metro washington airport authority. the report includes details of lavish spending on travel and contracts that were given to former board members. wurn family relieved, another grieving after the verdict in the bowie state murder trial. alexis simpson was accused of stabbing her roommate dominique frazier last year. the two got in a fight over loud music in their dorm room. defense attorneys argued that simpson was bullied and was fighting back after the stabbing happened. she took the stand in her own defense on the final day of testimony. >> her emotion was very genuine, and she is tremendously remorseful for this incident. it has affected her emotionally
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in ways that you can only imagine. >> sheriff's deputies escorted the 12 jurors from the courthouse and did not comment on the case. 6:07. 64 degrees. a federal investigation now launch the into the texas town after the horrific accident involving wounded veterans taking part in a parade.
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he ran a superer pac and sort of ran for president, now
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stephen colbert is being unveiled in wax. they redesigned an entire room for the comedian, building a replica of his studio, and he was intimately involved in that. he provided his own suit, shoes, and lapel pin for the figure to win. more than 250 photos were taken of colbert to help create the wax figure. if you're a fan of his show, which i watch it pretty religiously, he probably will talk about this a lot and pat himself on the back for having the figure. >> do you think jon stewart is upset about this? >> there might be a moment we see on air for it. >> time for weather and traffic on the ones. here's tom. >> good morning. as we start off this friday morning, we got a lot of clouds around. most areas above freezing, and we might have a few scattered sprinkles around for another couple of hours. and then later today, here's how it's looking hour by hour. we'll have a light breeze out of the north, and that will clear
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us out as we get sunshine by noontime. out to hit mid-50s by the afternoon. clear and chilly in the 40s through the rest of the evening. a look at the next seven days in ten minutes. a look at traffic now with danella. good morning. >> good morning. chopper right now is above a crash 66 as you make your way eastbound at fairfax county parkway. it is blocking the left lane here. you can see the fire department is on the scene. use caution. this is your commute this morning. let's head over and talk about delays on i-270. just a bit slow out of frederick as you make your way past 109. picking up speed right around 30 miles an hour. the trip from germantown to the beltway nice and clear. it's friday. no accidents in this area. aaron and eun. >> thank you, danella. an update just in on the breaking news. the amber alert in virginia. and a federal investigation about what fedex and u.p.s. are both shipping.
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melissa mollet on the live desk with breaking news about the amber alert we've been talking about. we just got off the phone with halifax, virginia police. they tell us that eric eugene black, who had they had been looking for in the abduction of alexis carlisle, he has been located as well as that vehicle we've been telling you about, the 1985 brown nissan. the vehicle and black were both found in chesterfield, virginia. at this point, though, police still looking for what we now know is a mother and daughter, jennifer dawn carlisle, again, the mother of alexis rose carlisle. they still believe they could be headed to the d.c. area. a little bit of back story here, we're being told the court ordered yesterday that this child was supposed to go to the department of social services in halifax. these two people took the baby from a family member's home before social services could come get the child. again, we'll show this child's
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picture one more time. she is 1. alexis rose carlisle still missing. they are still looking for her. again, could be in the d.c. area. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. this morning we're getting a look at dash cam video of a car hitting a police cruiser head on. this happened saturday during a routine traffic stop in augusta, wisconsin. the officer suffered bruised ribs, neck and back pain, but he will be okay. the 71-year-old driver was not hurt. investigators say he was at a funeral shortly before the crash. they say fatigue might be to blame for the accident. 16 after the hour right now. and federal investigators are getting involved with a tragedy in texas at a parade that was supposed to honor wounded veterans. the vets and the spouses went running for their lives after the float they were riding on was directly in the path of an oncoming train. the train struck the truck, the float there, killing four and
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sending 17 to the hospital. hours before that, the town's mayor says he has a chance to meet with many of the men and women who would later get on that float. >> they passed by waving and celebrating, and they lined the streets with flags and waving. so proud of these guys. it's just we're all terribly sad. >> union pacific says the train used its horn as it approached the crossing area, and the lights and gates were working properly. the head of a police force in spain said he'll investigate reports that his officer beat a teenage boy. someone uploaded this video of youtube. it appears to show police beating a 13-year-old boy during an anti-austerity protest on thursday. the parents say the police attacked their boy for no reason. police say the boy was throwing things at the officers. many have taken to the streets to oppose spending cuts and tax
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hikes. some of those demonstrations have turned violent. a former olympic star and gold medalist is behind bars this morning after shooting into a woman's car. police say shameka holtzclaw shot into a car. it belongs to another wnba player lacey. holtzclaw and lacey were former girlfriends. a book of her battle with depression was released earlier this year. bp has agreed to pay a settlement amount on the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. they'll plead guilty to 14 criminal charges. two top bp officers will face manslaughter charges in connection with the 11 people who died on the oil rig two years ago. attorney general eric holder says much of the money from the settlement will go toward
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restoring the environment in the gulf. the subject of a criminal investigation into online pharmacies focused on fedex and u.p.s. it has to do with delivering packages sent by online pharmacies. yesterday a san francisco jury convicted three men of operating a legal pharmacy that used u.p.s. and fedex to deliver drugs without proper prescriptions. fedex denies any wrongdoing. they're calling the probe absurd. 3,600 ipad minis are in the hands of crooks this morning after a heist at new york's jfk airport. according to the new york post, the thieves unloaded a shipment of the new apple devices right off a plane arriving in the u.s. sources told the paper the crooks used the airport's own forklift to load two pallets onto a truck. the ipad minis likely just reached the u.s. from assembly plants in china. today wall street will be watching to see if apple's stock can bounce back. shares have dropped about 20% this year.
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its value sits at $525. ten of the country's top universities have signed onto a plan to offer online courses for college credit. they're forming an online program called semester online. unlike previous online course that's have unlimited enrollment and are free of charge, this would focus on small 10 to 15 classes and teacher interaction. those schools taking part include unc, duke, emery, northwestern, and notre dame. students can pay a fee of up to $4,000 per course. a dramatic look at what it was like in new york's subway system right as hurricane sandy hit. the new york port authority just released this video. you can see water quickly flooding the subway stations in the city. the rain as well as a record storm surge sent water gushing into manhattan's subway stations. many more than a century old. >> let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein. 6:21. time for weather and traffic on
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the ones. >> good morning. storm team 4 radar showing an area of weak low pressure bringing rain as far north as our eastern suburbs from parts of prince george's county, anne arundel, calvert, st. mary, eastern shore. these sprinkles heading off to north and east. it's chilly there where they are getting the sprinkles. it's only been less than a tenth of an inch. farther north near 40 along the beltway. much farther west, shenandoah valley into the mountains, many locations there in the 20s. it's cleared out there. later today, ought to get sun breaking out noontime. here's the storm team 4 four-day forecast. afternoon temperatures climbing to mid-50s and partly cloudy. tonight clear and chilly for the high school game. cold start tomorrow. high school game saturday. great for that. sunny in the low 50s. low 50s sunday at fedex field. looks like the dry pattern continues monday, tuesday, wednesday. maybe sprinkles or drizzle
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monday morning. thanksgiving day, sunny, near-on-. now here's danella with a look at traffic. 66 eastbound at fairfax county parkway. good news is the crash was blocking the left lane. now it's in the left shoulder lane. travel lanes are open. still pretty good volume on i-66 as you make your way towards the beltway. speaking of that, beltway in nomt county at new hampshire avenue. you can see starting to slow down already. to get to i-270, it's not terrible at all. it will take you 11 minutes again, but as we speak, from i-95 to new hampshire avenue, you are starting to slow down. aaron and eun, over to you. >> thanks, danella. at 6:30, who gets to drive the new beltway express lanes before anybody else.
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it may seem we're texting messages more than ever, but apparently that's not the case. researchers say that in the third quarter of this year americans sent an average of 678 texts a month, and that sounds like a lot, but it's actually
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down from an average of 696 over the summer. it is the first decline in texting ever. the possible reason for this decline, social media. today we're expecting to learn whether hostess will close up shop over a labor disagreement. the company's famous for its twinkies, donettes, and wonder bread gave employees until 5:00 last night otherwise, they would liquidate. some workers did cross the picket line. it's not clear how many. if the company keeps its word, operations could shut down sometime next week, and that would put 18,000 people out of work. 6:26 now. 45 degrees. the local principal locked up.
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new in
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breaking news in virginia right now. we have new information about the amber alert issued for this 1-year-old girl. moments ago, police told us they found one of the suspects but not the girl. >> she was abducted yesterday afternoon from halifax county in south side, virginia. investigators say she may be heading to this area. news 4's megan mcgrath is live in fairfax county with the very latest on this. megan, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: that's right. police have made an apprehension. they have taken a man into custody. this child's father just a short time ago on i-95 in the halifax area. they have arrested 41-year-old eric black. he is now facing abduction charges. and police say that he is the father of the missing child. he was found in that station wagon that they have been looking for all morning long. he was driving on i-95, was spotted by police, and taken into custody. still missing is 35-year-old jennifer carlisle.
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she is accused of abducting her daughter, 1-year-old alexis carlisle. they have not yet been found. police say that jennifer carlisle and eric black abducted their daughter thursday following a court ruling which ordered that alexis be handed over to social services. instead of doing that, the parents took the child from a relative's house and then disappeared. they believe that they were headed to this area, that eric black actually had dropped off the mother and the child here in the washington, d.c. area. he apparently has family in the area. police believe that he dropped them off at some point and then was headed back to halifax when they actually spotted him on 95 and took him into custody. again, alexis and her mother may be in the washington area, and police are still trying to find them. anyone with information, you're asked to call 911. reporting live in fairfax county, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you guys in the studio. >> and we will continue to follow that story all morning. stay with us for updates.
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right now it is 6:31, and we are also watching the weather. the cold is hanging on this morning, and to make matters worse, some very chilly rain is falling too. tom kierein on the storm team 4 weather deck. tom? >> not here, though. that rain is falling north and east of the metro area. here in washington, a few cloudy skies. here's what's been happening over the last few hours. that area in green, that's where they're getting a few sprinkles, far southern maryland, northern neck, and eastern shore. sky clearing out shenandoah valley west. it's cold, near freezing there. closer to washington, mid and upper 30s, near 40 degrees. might have an isolated sprinkle l south and east through the metro area. after that, sunshine breaking out through the whole area. highs reaching mid-50s by midafternoon. i'll be back in ten minutes with your friday evening planner. a look at traffic with danella. >> good morning. first 4 traffic, we're going
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to start with the rails. if you're taking metro, vre, no reported delays. minor delay on the marc. this is just six minutes. brunswick east train number 892. over to the roadways. let's talk about some delays, not bad. if you're traveling 395, a live look at glebe. as you make your way southbound, no issues. northbound to get to the 14th street bridge from the beltway, smooth sailing across the 14th street bridge. you are under speed. about 35 miles an hour. 17 minutes to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. we're going to talk about the beltway in maryland in ten minutes. from sitting in back up ws breezing right by them, that's what vdot hopes you'll be able to do before the opening of the 495 express lanes. we want you to be sure how those work. those lanes stretch for 14 miles between the inner and outer loops in virginia between the dulles toll road and springfield. the promise is you'll be able to
6:34 am
go at least 45 miles per hour even at rush hour. to keep all that traffic moving, the toll cost will rise and fall based on how much congestion there is. you'll be able to see the current price posted on electronic signs. it could cost as much as $1 a mile, but you will be charged whatever rate is posted when you actually enter the lanes. you will need to have an ez pass to ride the all electronic lanes. you can use the one that you already own or get the ez pass flex. the flex will actually let you avoid the tolls by car pooling with three or more people. all you have to do is flip that ez pass device that says hov on before you enter the lanes. keep in mind state troopers will be watching to make sure enough people are actually in your car. you may see one car cruising the lanes. santa will use the toll road to get to his workshop in tyson's corner. don't expect any reindeer. he'll be driving a tesla roadster convertible. tomorrow's opening is
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causing express lane envy across the river. some in maryland are questioning why there's not a similar on on their side of the beltway. they hope rip van maryland will awake from their slumber. people are upset with the lack of progress. >> right now we have no dollars and no plans. we're just shaking our heads and saying, please, guys, focus on this. >> there is a proposal that calls for turning some shoulder lanes into bus only lanes in the maryland side, but there are complaints that is not a long-term fix. 6:35 now. this morning there is a push to keep 20 public schools open in the district. d.c. schools chancellor kaya henderson proposed closing those schools earlier this week. at a public hearing last night, henderson said it would be more effective for schools to low enrollment to consolidate with other schools. parents told news 4 it would impact their neighborhoods. >> they're not just shutting down the school. they're shutting down the
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community, the family, and they're shutting down relationships that's been fostered and built. >> another public hearing will take place monday at the wilson building. d.c. mayor vincent gray and the chancellor expected to make a final decision on the school closing plan in january. today the principal of a d.c. high school heads to court after being accused of assault. a 37-year-old woman says thelma jarrett and two other school employees attacked her after a homecoming football game on november 2nd. jarrett is the principal of coolidge high school in northwest. the victim's husband says he is devastateded by the attack. my wife was attacked. by three women. i just want justice. i'm not really sure of why they did that. >> meantime, jarrett is on administrative leave. if you're one of the millions of voters who waited online to cast your ballot. senator mark warren has the solution to the frustration.
6:37 am
the virginia democrat introduced the bill to speed up the voting process. he wants to give grants for states to make it easier to vote early. some virginiians waited in line for up to five hours to vote on tuesday. warner calls those lines a 21st century poll tax because they forced people to miss work. it is now 6:37. 46 degrees. the famous candy getting a jolt of caffeine. >> plus this morning, metro riders are saying finally, what the agency is going to show you before you get in the station.
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the three davis engineers that came up with this idea hopes it can battle the winter blues.
6:41 am
six l.e.d. lights reflected off a piece of plastic back into your eyes. they look pretty funny if you see these glasses here, but the designer says the reflector doesn't get in the way of you going about your normal routine. these glasses sell for $75,000 right now. >> i wonder if they'll cause crow's feet if you have light directly on the eye area. these are things i think about. >> you can't win. >> would you try that? >> i'm good. >> time for weather and traffic on the ones. meteorologist tom kierein, cold and wet, maybe later today. >> right now we are getting some of that south and east of us and probably going to get natural sunlight by noontime and into the afternoon. this is what's been happening the last several hours. that area in green is sprinkles coming down northern neck, southern maryland, eastern shore. west and north, the sky is clearing out. hour by hour today, we'll have light breezes coming in out of the north. sun back by noontime. during the afternoon. hitting mid-50s by afternoon. overnight tonight, if you're
6:42 am
heading out this friday evening, it will be clear and in the 40s through the evening with a light wind. i'm back in ten minutes with your seven day outlook. >> eastbound braddock road at club side lane. your right lane is blocked. no injuries were reported. let's talk about bw parkway between i-95 in maryland. over to 50 in annapolis, a live look as you make your way past two inbound and outbound clear to the beltway. from the beltway, here's a live look at 410, making your way inbound. you'll start to hit the brakes right around landover road but not too bad as you make your way to kenilworth avenue. breaking news on an amber alert in virginia. let's get more from megan mcgrath. >> reporter: the 1-year-old girl who was missing, alexis carlisle, she has been found in
6:43 am
prince george, virginia. again, alexis carlisle, abducted by her parents yesterday afternoon, has been found unharmed, in prince george, virginia. this began to unfold around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. that's when police say that there was a court ruling which ordered eric black and jennifer carlisle to turn their daughter alexis over to social services. instead of doing that, they went to a relative's house. relatives watching the little girl, and they took her and then disappeared. a search has been on since 4:30 yesterday afternoon. they first located eric black in the richmond area. just a little while later, located alexis and her mother, again unharmed, also in the richmond area. the parents are now facing child abduction charges because, again, they were ordered by the court to turn their daughter over to social services, and that's when they actually went on the lamb there with their daughter. but everyone -- or the little girl said to be okay, and, of course, police continuing to
6:44 am
investigate very serious charges of child abduction. reporting live in fairfax county. megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you in the studio. nbc news employees say they have heard explosions in tel aviv just moments ago, and they are now moving to shelters. this comes as we've seen escalating violence along the gaza strip today. a cease fire between israel and palestinians collapsed. rocket fire was supposed to stop as the egyptian prime minister visited the gaza strip today. instead, dozens of explosions were reported today. one missile destroyed a house. no one was hurt there. nearly 30 people, though, have died in middle east violence this week. 5 of them were children. and the violence overseas sparking demonstrations here in d.c. hundreds protested outside the white house last night. one crowd gathered in support of israel. the other pro-palestinians. both sides called for a peaceful end to the violence. there were no reports of any
6:45 am
arrests at these rallies. lawmakers seeking answers about september's deadly attacks in benghazi. melissa mollet is at the live desk with more. >> good morning. former cia director david petraeus is going to be fielding questions from lawmakers on capitol hill about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. the u.s. ambassador and three other americans were killed in that september 11th attack. lawmakers spent several hours interviewing top intelligence and national security officials. petraeus will testify in a closed door hearing before the senate and house intelligence committees. his appearance comes about one week after he resigned over an affair. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. petraeus may be facing more questions about his extramarital affair. the cia is conducting an exploratory investigation to see if he misused cia resources as its director. the fbi already wrapped up an investigation and concluded petraeus did not jeopardize classified information or
6:46 am
jeopardize national security. the agency responsible for building the dulles toll road will face tough questions. there was a scathing audit of the metropolitan washington airport authority. it includes lavish spending on travel and contracts given to former board members. the authority's chairman and transportation secretary ray lahood are expected to testify. relief and shock, that is the reaction on both sides after a not guilty verdict in the bowie state university murder trial. after just a few hours of deliberations, the jury acquitted alexis simpson on seven charges, including first degree murder. the she was accused of stabbing her roommate, dominique frazier. the two got into a fight over loud music in the dorm. defense attorneys argue that simpson was bullied and fighting back when the stabbing happened. simpson took the stand in the final day of testimony. lawyers say her testimony helped jurors make a decision. >> there's no question in my
6:47 am
mind that alexis acted in self-defense. we are very gratified by the verdict. >> we did the very best we knew how to do. we presented the evidence the way it was, and the jury gave us their verdict. >> sheriff's deputies escorted the 12 jurors from the courthouse, and they did not comment on 0 the case. the frazier family did not speak publicly after the verdict. this morning the husband of star mia farrow is behind bars after being accused of arresting two boys. police arrested john billiers farrow. two boys came forward claiming farrow abused them when they were younger. the abuse happened between 2000 and 2008 when they were between 9 and 16 years old. take a look at this photo. police say this man assaulted a teenage girl inside the ladies' room of a public library. a 17-year-old girl was studying at the jefferson library in falls church last tuesday when she saw the man watching her.
6:48 am
when she tried to hide in the ladies room, police say the man followed her in, assaulted her, and ran off. if you see this man, police in fairfax county want to hear from you. police are looking for your help to find a missing prince george's county woman. 90-year-old saki mcguren was seen leaving her home in chillum. she may be driving a gray 2005 toyota corolla. if you see her, call police immediately. happening today, federal government is on board to help carry out a part of president obama's health care overhaul. at issue, in you health care exchanges for private insurance coverage. most customers will get federal help paying the premiums. now states have to decide whether to create their own exchanges, collaborate with washington, or default on the federal government. also today, we hope to get a better idea about how lawmakers plan to keep america from going over the fiscal cliff. the president will meet with members of congress, and it's starting to look like this
6:49 am
process is going to drag on to the very end. cnbc's seema mody has more on today's gathering. seema, good morning. that's right. president obama sits down with big lawmakers today for budget talks in an effort to avoid the fiscal cliff at the end of the year. he will sit with senate majority leader harry reed and minority leader mitch mcconnell. the white house says the president will look at the extension of tax cuts for top earners. former white house chief of staff erskine bowles tells cnbc he thinks there's a one-third chance congress will reach a deficit cutting deal during the lame duck session. in other news, retailers are targeting commerce this year, which is the rise in'shoi shopp created by smartphones and tablets. many consumers are shopping as they collapse on the couch after
6:50 am
thanksgiving dinner. it was previously unacceptable to pull out a laptop after thanksgiving dinner or fire up the pc. ebay is calling this a new shopable moment. two-thirds of retailers say holiday sales should begin after thanksgiving dinner, and their meals would end on average at 5:23 p.m. eastern. based on that, ebay will launch 20 mobile only deals at 5:23 p.m. eastern on thursday. watch out for that. back to you. >> seema mody. seema, thank you. a week from right now, it will be an early morning for a lot of you. stores will be at capacity for black friday, which is why walmart hopes many of its employees show up. according to the london daily mail, many walmart employees are threatening their biggest walk-out ever that day including several stores in the washington area. the company and its employees have been at odds over wages, benefits, and ununizatiunioniza.
6:51 am
we won't know until that day which stores will be affected. check out the newest way to get your first dose of caffeine. caffeinated cracker jacks. they're called cracker jacked. pepsi company's frito-lay is behind the tweet. they pack the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. some groups say they violate food regulationregulations. it's not clear when the cracker jacked hits store shelves. i like my caffeine in my cup. cheers. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here at 6:51. get us out the door. you need a warm beverage to warm you up as you head out. it is another cloudy and chilly morning. cloudy reagan national at 42. a very light northerly breeze thankfully. but as the day progresses, that wind may pick up a little bit, all come frg this disturbance, which is passing southeast of the metro area. came a little closer to us than it was looking yesterday.
6:52 am
producing a little light rain, these speckles of green. anne arundel, calvert, st. mary's southern, and southeastern charles county, northern neck, eastern shore getting those sprinkles. it's been less than .05 inch. there may be a few sprinkles here on the loudoun fairfax line around poolesville and montgomery county. generally from the mountains east, it's above freezing in the upper 30s, low 40s. west of the blue ridge into the mountains, many locations below freezing from hagerstown, martinsburg, harrisonburg, and out into the mountains. upper 20s to around 30. maybe a few sprinkles through 8:00, 9:00. sun out by noontime. during the afternoon, ought to hit the mid-50s with light breezes. sunrise 6:52. sun says 4:53. if you're going out tonight, a clear sky. 40s through the evening. and a cold start saturday morning. we'll be down to near freezing on saturday morning. bright sun into the low 50s. great for all the outdoor
6:53 am
activities tomorrow. outdoor recreation, high school, college games. and then on sunday skins and eagles at fedex field. should be great football weather. we'd better see great football. on monday, tuesday, wednesday -- i say that every time, but it's not working. thanksgiving's looking great. danella, how's traffic? >> you might need a new line. help us out here. let's get a live look from i-66. as you make your way eastbound towards the beltway. that right exit lane is blocked by a crash in this area. you are sluggish, about two miles so far. let's head over this time eastbound braddock road. let's head northbound back lick road. right lane also blocked by the accident. delays on i-95 pretty slow in virginia. just sluggish. i know it's friday, but you are dealing with just a bit under speed as you make your way this time from the occoquan river bridge. it will take you 20 minutes to get to the beltway.
6:54 am
eun, over to you. >> danella, thank you. virginiians may be counting down the hours until the express lanes open on the beltway, but vdot just opened other bridges that will ease for other commuters on the fairfax county parkway. it will keep you from sitting at traffic lights between pope's head road and route 50. they're part of a $69.5 million project which also includes widening fairfax county parkway from south of 66 to north of rugby road. metro is finding new ways to warn you of possible delays. the transit system installing flat screen displays at the entrance to stations to show delay information, elevator o s outsages and the status of all five lines. it will help riders decide if they want to go into the station if they don't get e-mail or text alerts. those screens should be up showing realtime information by the end of the year. police met with people who live near the nor began boulevard station in prince george's county late last night. there have been two armed
6:55 am
robberies in that area the past week. police discussed a number of ways to prevent crime with residents, including walking on lit pathways at night and urging them not to walk alone. >> good morning. we've been following this information out of israel and the gaza strip for you this morning. this is just into the news room. a palestinian rocket headed for tel aviv has just landed in the mediterranean. nbc news employees in tel aviv headed to the shelter after hearing explosions there. there's also word that hamas is launching a long range missile towards the israeli parliament building in jerusalem. they tried to do that. the cease fire collapsed earlier this morning. it was supposed to be in effect while egypt's prime minister was visiting the gaza strip. at this point, more than two dozen have been killed in the past three days of fierce fighting. new reports by the military in israel they started drafting 16,000 reserve troops. at the live desk, melissa mollet, news 4. breaking news right now.
6:56 am
we just learned a little girl b abducted from south side virginia, has been found in prince george's county, maryland. two people are in custody for abducting the 1-year-old alexis carlisle, taken from her home in halifax, virginia, yesterday afternoon. >> police say they found the girl with her mother, jennifer carlisle, this morning in prince george's county. alexis carlisle's father eric black was arrested on i-95 overnight. the amber alert has been cancelled. we're working to learn more about the child's condition and the charges against the parents. they face abduction charges at the least. >> the little girl was supposed to go into child protective services custody yesterday afternoon, and that's when her parents picked her up from another relative's home and took her, obviously bringing her here to the d.c. area. we're going to have much more on this throughout the morning as we bring you updates. that's "news 4 today." thank you for starting your day with us.
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